About Lethologica


Finding the right words and images to help you sell your business or yourself!

We're here to consult with and support our community through augmenting your already awesome creations. Whether you need a new websitewriting and editing, SEO consulting, photos or videos, we can help you get your message across and bring your vision to life! 

We've worked with small independent businesses and large national corporations but one thing never changes and that's our commitment to working personally with you to achieve your vision.

Our media team has spent over 20 years in professional arts, from fine arts to photography, graphic design, and website design. Our head visual creative spent ten years working at a leading Okanagan multi-media company before launching his own enterprise to create striking and unforgettable art. Always on the cutting edge of innovation, our venture into 360º documentation is the future of immersive content.

Offering expertise in:

● Website design and programming
● Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
● Inbound marketing
● Google Adwords and other Pay-Per-Click (SEM) campaign management
● Google Analytics
● Branding and marketing consultation

● Scientific and technical illustration

● Graphic design

● Still photography and photo manipulation (Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign)

● Media production including corporate videos, short documentaries, interview-style productions for the internet, and short films
● 360º video documentation
● Post-production in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and Audition, as well as various other video editing software packages


Lethologica. (Leth-o-law-gik-a.)
The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon. When you can't quite find the right word to say.
From the Greek verb "lathano" meaning "to forget". 

Lethologica. (Leth-o-law-gik-a.)

Psychologist Carl Jung spoke about the annoying occurrence back in 1913.

Our writing team has over 25 years experience in writing and academia and working as professional book and journal article editors. We have award-winning, published authors on our team! You can be certain we can either help you find the right words or help hone your message.
Offering expertise in:
● Scriptwriting and copywriting for a variety of sources and voices
● Social media writing and campaign management for a variety of platforms - we have a Certified Marketing Strategist on our team and Certification in Social Media Marketing
● Stylistic and substantive editing
● Grant and report writing

● Scientific research, from qualitative research methodologies to advanced quantitative analyses 

Our Philosophy

Content writing & photography Founded by husband and wife team bOB HOmer and Jen Timer, Lethologica is a labour of love. We live and breathe creativity and we're passionate about helping others with their creative needs. Our team is here to do our utmost to facilitate the careers and successes of small to medium business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, and anyone else who needs our help. We're proud of our little company and we want to ensure your work is the best it can be, so you can feel the same pride!






Our Core Values

Respect, integrity, and honesty are the most important values we share with our clients. 

  • We appreciate your open and honest feedback.
  • We appreciate that you're open to trying things a different way.
  • We appreciate that you respect our experience and professional judgment.
  • We respect that you know your business and clients better than anyone else.
  • We appreciate that you understand and respect the value of our time.
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