Jenga and Your Online Presence

Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you do Facebook for business? If not, you should!
Do you have questions about the importance of SEO? PPC? SMM?
What about LinkedIn? Google+? Responsive design? Instagram?

Have you ever wondered how all the pieces fit together in your digital marketing strategy?

If you don’t attend to all the pieces of a comprehensive digital marketing¬†strategy, your plans could fall apart like this Jenga puzzle and you’ll be leaving money on the table!

Call us and we’ll help you fit the pieces together!

Jen Timer is a proudly geeky lover of words. After being a nurse/researcher for eons, she decided to jump both feet into working with bOB to bring her research and writing skills to a different set of clients. As Co-Founder and Principal Writer & Editor of Lethologica, Jen makes sure nothing gets put out into the public until she’s scrutinized and re-scrutinized it. Typos are her adversaries!

Jenga and Your Online Presence
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