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When you choose to launch a business, you are putting yourself out there for appraisal from potential customers and buyers, investors, networking colleagues, and more! You might have heard that saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," and that's very true for logos for your business. People will automatically judge your business, your quality, and your professionalism based on their first impression of your logo. You don't want to look "rinky-dink" or "Mickey Mouse" - unless you're Disney! - because then people may incorrectly assume the same of your services.

With Lethologica, you get professional brand logo design and branding packages from a professional artist and graphic designer with a degree from art school and over 20 years of logo design. We've done logos for independent small businesses and international chain franchises. Our logos are designed with an art school aesthetic, never cheesy (unless you're a cheese shop!).


We provide you:

  • Professionally designed logo
  • Multiple formats for web and any application of print
  • Black and white versions
  • Colour versions - one colour and multiple colours, depending on your needs
  • Business card design
  • Stationary letterhead design
  • and more.


A key feature is our Logo Usage Guide. We provide you the Pantone colours you need, for example, if you want to order team shirts or other merchandise to match your logo. By receiving the font and variable file formats, you can ensure the consistent application of your logo no matter who does your printing or merchandising. We give you sizing recommendations, placement suggestions, orientation guidelines, and more. We also work with numerous specialty merchandising and printing experts if you need a referral.

So get ready to see your professional brand logo design not only on your website but on pens, tshirts, letterhead, and more! Get your logo professionally designed by Lethologica and make a stunning first impression! Call us for your free consultation today.

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