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Content Writing & Editing

Finding the words to help you sell your business through content writing!

Did you know that "Lethologica" refers to that tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon when you can't quite find the right word? Well, now you do, and now you also know why we named our business Lethologica - because we help you find the right words and images to sell your products and services to others!

Content is King

Whether you need a small blog post or multiple website pages, content writing and editing from Lethologica can get your message across.

We know how difficult yet important it is to find just the right word - and you have too many other things to do running your business than to agonize over synonyms, paraphrasing, and grammar - so we do it for you. We'll work closely with you to ensure that we understand your target audience and craft a narrative that pops.

Our talented content writing team members have been published in textbooks, journals, newspapers, and anthologies. We've written blogs, articles, and essays galore! Our editing team has worked on everything from novels to scientific journal articles. Trust us to find the right words for you and your specific audience.


Website Content Writing

With our expertise in writing and research, we can create webpage content and blog posts for any audience. We offer:

  • Original Copy, including research, or
  • Re-written Copy, based on existing text, and may require some research to augment and update the existing content.
  • If you want your pages and posts to be search engine optimized (SEO) to increase your Google rankings, please allow for extra project time.

We are happy to take on the regular maintenance of your pages, as constantly evolving sites require ongoing writing updates.

Content Writing Projects

Ensure you are putting your best foot forward when promoting your business. We do due diligence to even the smallest piece of work. 

We can write content for your:

  • website pages
  • blog posts
  • newsletters
  • brochures
  • e-books
  • press releases
  • advertorials and product descriptions

With time and attention to detail, research synthesis, references, and flow of logic, we can also create argument pieces of many varieties, including essay columns, white papers, literature syntheses, technical or grant writing, research reports, and more. Our team includes experts in statistical analysis so we understand your data description needs.


Why Hire a Professional Editor?

Stand out. Get noticed for your content, not your mistakes. Lethologica ensures excellence via our content editing services.


Our team can proofread and review your pre-existing content for grammar, spelling, audience-appropriate language, logic, flow, and more! We have editors who have worked for international medicine and psychology journals, textbook companies, and published authors.


Put your already awesome work into our hands to just dot those 'i's and cross those 't's. Nobody knows your audience like you do but another pair of eyes always helps to make sure your work is top-notch!


We've all seen what happens when the spell checker misses words that are spelled correctly but are wrong in a particular context. If you're writing about 'medication', you'll not want it to show up as 'meditation!' We do everything from proofreading to stylistic to substantive editing.


Show off your best work; ensure you're finding the right words to connect with your clients by hiring Lethologica for content editing and proofreading.

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